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Illusive Moose provides influencer marketing for crypto, NFT, DAO, DApp, GameFi, DeFi, FinTech and Metaverse projects. We also provide community growth services including arrangement of AMAs, bounties and airdrops.

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Our Influencers

Example of influencers we work with

brianna Martyn

Facebook logo Youtube logo Tiktok logo

$200 / Tweet $75 / Retweet $1K / YT Vid $1K / TikTok Vid

I do stock and crypto social media awareness campaigns

Lexi Lore

Facebook logo Youtube logo

$250 / Tweet $200 / Retweet $600 / YT Vid

Lexi Lore is a youtube who also works in the adult industry. Lexi is from Richmond, Virginia, United States. She has over 314K followers on instagram and her self-titled YouTube channel has over...


Facebook logo Youtube logo

$20 / Tweet $200 / YT Vid

I am a Nigerian influencer focusing on Bitcoin, Lightning network and crypto. 7 figure Digital Marketer, Blockchain Technologist, Financial Consultant and the founder of Bull Network Organization

Taylor Caniff

Facebook logo

$1.25K / Tweet

Hello, I'm taylor caniff entrepreneur co-owner of @magcon and many other platforms. Born and raised in Indiana. Now 21. Over 10M Followers on my social media accounts combined.

about Illusive Moose ?

Marketing for your crypto project

Illusive Moose was established to address the need for influencer marketing by crypto projects. We had such excellent experience using influencer marketing for our own projects in the past that we decided to start selling it as a product to other projects.

  • The idea behind influencer marketing is that creating an engaging review of a crypto project on Youtube will generate a stream of highly engaged customers who have already been educated about the project.
  • We provide influencer marketing from top crypto- as well as non-crypto influencers. The influencers are thoroughly vetted and include big names such as Lexi Lore, Stormy Daniels and Taylor Caniff.
  • Illusive Moose can also deliver complete end-to-end marketing packages that include influencer marketing, execution of bounty programs, airdrops, AMAs, listing on crypto exchanges, posts on Coin Market cap and Coin Gecko.
  • Our team is based and legally incorporated in USA and Canada.

How it works ?

This is a quick introduction into how our influencer marketing platform operates

  • We allow clients to pick the influencers that they like from out influencer catalog. We will recommend influencers suitable for a given project upon request.
  • Illusive Moose screens influencers before joining the platform for signs artificially generated views, comments or likes and for evidence influencer engagement is inflated by airdrops.
  • We charge a processing fee of 5%-30% on top of the influencer fee. This is to compensate for transactional risk and labour involved. The fee is agreed upon with the client before a deal is made.
  • Illusive Moose provides influencer marketing but this service does not include marketing strategy consultancy or copywriting. These services can be purchased for additional cost or provided by another party.

Benefits and pitfalls of influencer marketing.

  • Influencer fraud is very common and includes methods such as purchasing social media accounts, use of hacked accounts, fake traffic generation via the means of "web traffic generator" sites, use of bounties and airdrops. Illusive Moose screens influencers for signs of these techniques as a part of onboarding process. Avoiding fraud is a major challenge.
  • When executed correctly influencer marketing generates highly engaged customers that are only choosing to visit your website after watching a video or reading an article reviewing your product.
  • Influencer marketing allows you to interact with your customers. You can go to the comment sections of promtional videos and respond to viewer comments and questions. You can even be yourself a part of the promotion.
  • Twitter and TikTok promotions result in large number of views in a short amount of time while Youtube videos and articles generate a long-lasting stream of organic traffic. Twitter posts and TikTok videos can be produced very quickly while Youtube videos and articles take more time to produce.
Other Services

What do we have to offer in addition to influencers?

Youtube videos

Illusive Moose has access to a number of Youtube crypto creators. We have conducted a number of studies that show that Youtube reviews and howto videos are an effective way of promoting a brand.

Cost $200 - $20000

Twitch and TikTik stream promotions and AMAs

Promotions by Twitch and TikTok creators is ideal for reviews of online games and online casino/gambling websites.

Cost $100 - $20000

Blog post

Blog post is a promotion format that enables the creator to include more information such as technical details and product test results. We had a lot of success with howto, review and product comparison blog posts. You can find our infleuncers here.

Cost $50

Tweet or retweet

Promotional tweets have the advantage of being short, cheap and requiring very little prep in advance. THey also generate large number of visitors over a period of only hours.

Cost $20


Bounties will help grow the community around your project on telegram and discord channels as well as increase the adoption of your token. See our infleuncer catalog for a list of all twitter influencers

Cost $150 / week + bounty pool ~$5000


Adoption of your token and the size of your Telegram and Discord communities an be increased by airdrops of your token or other tokens in different online groups and channels.

Cost depends on the airdrop size

Listing on exchanges

We have direct connection to a number of exchanges and can provide details on maintenance, integration costs and required liquidity pool size. We can connect you with exchanges and speed up the listing process.

Cost integration fee + maintenence fee + liquidity pool

AMA channel interviews and posts

AMA channels publish live interviews with different crypto project founders in a format where potential investors can ask questions and interact with the founder directly.

Cost $1000


Allowing customers to win a contest in exchange for joining a telegram, joining a discord group or making a social media post is a powerful tool that we recommend to use in conjunction with other forms of marketing.

Cost $200 / month

Calls channel / Signal channel posts

Signal channels is an online group where people post insights on which crypto assets to buy. Illusive Moose can have your project posted in these channels where it will be visible to active investors.

Cost $700


Listing on exchanges, taking part in AMAs as well as being taken seriously by the community requires that your project submits to and passes a smart contract audit. We will refer your project to reputable auditing company.

Cost $800 paid to the auditing company

Our Team

Team Member

Adam Ivansky
Founder CEO

Adam Ivansky is a founder and a CEO of Illusive Moose. His background is in software development, data analytics and data engineering. At Illusive Moose he is handling infrastructure, software and marketing data analysis.


Katia Rivas
Infleucner onboarding and sales expert

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minium budget required for influencer marketing?

We can provide articles starting from $100 / article and Youtube videos starting from $250 / video.

How much will marketing of my AltCoin project cost?

In order for marketing of a new cryptocurrency to be successful we believe that investment of at least $5 000 is required.

How can I reach you if I am a crypto influencer interested in monetizing my audience ?

Please fill out our onboarding form. We are eagerly looking for new influencers.

Do you do marketing for non-crypto brands and projects ?

Yes we do. We can specifically provide influencer marketing for non-crypto-brands.

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