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Hi, I'm Yuki, I’m reaching out on behalf of my YouTube influencer, Cryptoinvestor, which has shown interest in featuring your project on their channel. We have been promoting since 2018, more than 300 projects, We the official ambassador of binance. Reviews on our channels gain more than a million views, and give good results, in connection with which many projects order repeated advertising reviews.


Prices & Statistics

Twitter logo Twitter
29.11K Followers $100 / Tweet
Twitter logo Twitter
29.11K Followers $50 / Reweet
Instagram logo Instagram
$200 / Instagram Story
Instagram logo Instagram
$250 / Instagram Post
Medium logo Youtube
7.1K Subscribers $600 / Youtube video
Medium logo Tiktok
$250 / Tiktok video

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If you are interested in having your project or brand promoted by Cryptoinvestor please reach out to us via telegram or schedule a meeting with us.

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