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$50 / Tweet $50 / Retweet

I am a turkish micro-influencer focusing on Bitcoin. I post up-to-date crypto analytics, tutorial content, airdrops and crypto chat on my account.

Ahmed Zd

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$350 / YT Vid

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple Fundamental and Technical Analyst


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$20 / Tweet $200 / YT Vid

I am a Nigerian influencer focusing on Bitcoin, Lightning network and crypto. 7 figure Digital Marketer, Blockchain Technologist, Financial Consultant and the founder of Bull Network Organization


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$30 / Tweet $20 / Retweet

Bitcoin focused startup building a youth-led organization that offers bitcoineducation. I am only willing to twet about Bitcoin projects, no NFT, DeFi or alt-coins, sorry.

Crypto Batman

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$500 / Tweet $500 / Retweet $1K / YT Vid

My channel focuses on streaming various crypto currencies, not only Bitcoin but also many popular alt coins such as Dogecoin. I am NOT a financial advisor, simply an entertainer. Hope you enjoy my...

Kripto Sözlük

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$2K / Retweet $2K / IG Story

Merhaba. Ben Eren Caner, bu kanalda bitcoin nedir, nasıl alınır ile ilgili videolar paylaşıyorum. Kripto para madenciliği nasıl yapılır ve bitcoin altcoin analizleri konularında teknik analiz ve...

Crypto Space

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$3.5K / YT Vid

Informations, news and reviews about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, also ICO reviews to help you which cryptos are the best to invest.

Marc Falzon

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$600 / Article

Travel. Food. Perspective. My name is Marc Falzon. Welcome to my YouTube channel which follows my adventures traveling the world. Experiencing unique foods and cultures. Sharing my perspectives on...

Hayden Otto

I am an Australizan crypto enthusiast focusing on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) cryptocurrency news, tutorials and commentary. I have my own teleram channel and sub-reddit.