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$600 / Article

I do interviews with people from the cryptoshpere and write articles about crypto. I also promote articles on reddit. My articles are published on and I often get to the home page of hackernoon.

Kevin Gabeci

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$20 / Tweet $20 / Retweet $200 / Article

I specalize on writting articles on I write high qualite articles that feature custom graphics and in-depth review of the product. My blog posts have thousands of organic views.

Kingdom Tule

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$30 / Tweet $30 / Retweet $50 / Article $100 / YT Vid

I am a youtube and medium influencer from Nigeria. I produce articles on and publish videos on youtube. I have produced many thousands of views and hundreds of purchases for brands on...

Marc Falzon

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$600 / Article

Travel. Food. Perspective. My name is Marc Falzon. Welcome to my YouTube channel which follows my adventures traveling the world. Experiencing unique foods and cultures. Sharing my perspectives on...